Saturday, April 28, 2007

Richardson would invite Iran and Syria

Presidential Democratic Debate:
"MODERATOR: Governor Richardson, if you were representing New Mexico in Congress, despite your opposition to the war, do you think you would vote to fund the troops?

RICHARDSON: No. Let me be very clear about my position. This war is a disaster. We must end this war. This is what I would do if were president today. I would withdraw all of our troops, including residual troops, by the end of this calendar year. I would use the leverage of that withdrawal, coupled with intensive diplomacy in three areas. One, a political framework led by the United States where the three religious entities in Iraq have a coalition government, divide oil revenues and possible set up three separate entities. Number two, I would convene a security conference, and I would invite Iran and Syria. They’re going to be tough, and we should be tough with them. But we have to have an international peacekeeping effort. And, thirdly, I would have a donor conference. I would have other countries take over the reconstruction responsibility and the security of Iraq."
Bill Richardson for President.

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