Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Twittr is the Future of News

Last week when there was an earthquake in San Francisco, the first I heard about it was from my friends on Twitter.

Now there's a sfquake twitter user.

Then yesterday when Josh Wolf was released from prison, the first I heard about it was from my friends on Twitter.

Then today, I had this exchange with my friend from Phoenix on Twitter:

stevegarfield Snowing in Boston! from web

cherylcolan @stevegarfield Wow! Vlog it! (please?) from twitterrific in reply to stevegarfield

stevegarfield @cherylcolan that's easy. 1. go out 2. film snow on N95 3. post to VOX via WIFi - from web in reply to cherylcolan
It's crazy.

Is this the future of news?

On demand video news reporting based on requests?


  1. My twitter dropped your reply to me, so I didn't see it until you just posted again about the future of news. But hell! If they solve that occasional lag of update, I'd say it IS the future of news.

    Thanks for the vid! There's one of Phoenix weather today at

  2. Oh, I forgot. My phoenix weather post was also because of a twitter conversation with Jen Simmons - she wanted to see the sun shining. So I vlogged it for her. Serendipity!

  3. i'd say that's kind of the way it should be - at least for (what the BBC call the) NewsGathering Dept.

    The trouble is - lots of editors gotta earn their crust and 'butcher/change/drop' content.

    I think the no-holds-barred immediacy of portable broadcasting devices is what makes it so powerful. And hey, who needs editors, right? :)

    btw - caught the link to this on your tweet ;)

  4. also, wouldn't you rather post your N95 content here at blogger, rather than on (yet another) blogging system?

    I know I do!

    Rest assured you will be one of the first to know when I fix up accounts etc. ;)

  5. Or you can just follow a ballgame... e.g.

    I agree, twitter-esque programming is the future of information delivery.

  6. I first heard about Josh Wolf on Twitter too. I'm also watching WAY more videos, because it's all right there in my Twitter window - people posting links after they post a new vid. It's awesome.

  7. Totally agree, Steve! I'm trying to get abc news to try it out -- cnn has a twitter. I don't really use twitter, unless news hits... like it did yesterday with Josh Wolf's release.

    Nice post!

  8. Hey Steve,

    havent used Twitter yet, but everytime I visit offonatangent a window pops up in Firefox asking me to sign in to "Twitter API". Quite annoying. Might have to do with the widget you added on the bottom right.
    Is there anyway to turn that off?


  9. Maat C:
    Fixed. I was testing private updates. Should work now.