Monday, December 03, 2007

2007 Most Memorable New Product Launch Picks

Launch PR: Day 2: Countdown to the release of the 2007 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey:
"Steve Garfield Boston, MA 'Videoblogger, TV Host, Emerging Amateur Filmmaker, Speaker, Listener'

Steve’s 2007 Most Memorable New Product Launch Picks: iPhone, Nikon D40/D80 (blogger program participant), NOKIA N95 (blogger program participant), Canon HV20 HD Video Camera, BostonNOW,,, ZeFrank, Onion News Network, ComVu PocketCaster, Tumblr,,,,, Mogulus, iJustine streaming on, Daisuke Matsuzaka joining the Boston Red Sox, BarackObama running for President, Amanda Congdon debuting on ABC, ICA Museum’s new location on Boston’s waterfront, Naked Conversations, Everything is Miscellaneous, The Myth of Invention"
That should say: Video in HD

Also add in

Lots of great things happened this year...

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  1. Amanda Mooney2:34 PM

    Hi Steve,
    I posted this comment on Launch PR but thought I'd join the conversation here as well.

    Thank you for sending in your Most Memorable New Products picks. I'll update your list with " Video in HD" and will include Seesmic.

    I've enjoyed using and following Seesmic as well. I'm not sure how you first heard about Seesmic but it was top of mind for me after following Loic's tweets, YouTube videos and blog posts describing the launch. What made the Seesmic launch memorable for you?

    Amanda Mooney
    Schneider Associates