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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Comcast TiVo HD Guide

Checking out the new Comcast Tivo HD Program Guide.

Shows in HD are designated by 'HD'. There's also a button to filter out all shows so that only HD shows are displayed, you can also do it via an on screen menu. It took 53 seconds for the screen to refresh. Movies, Kids, Sports, and News come up right away, as does All, but HD takes a long time.

Here's a video of hte Comcast Tivo HD Program Guide if you want to see.

I logged onto Comcast chat and was told that Comcast is aware of the problem and has contacted the hardware manufacturer.

Why do I have to Beta Test these products for free after they are publicly released? Didn't they have a Beta Test period where these things should have been ironed out?


  1. Anonymous10:36 PM

    sweet maybe I can get one soon, the comcast dvr software sucks.

  2. Steve asked: Why do I have to Beta Test these products for free after they are publicly released?

    You don't. You chose to do this. If you haven't figured out yet that every high tech company uses their early leaping customers this way, you're not concentrating. Paying to beta test may be your pet peeve, but my pet peeve is people who buy Gen1 products like this one and then whine how buggy and poorly beta tested the products are. OF COURSE IT'S BUGGY! IT'S GEN1!! Don't like it? Be smarter and let some other sucker pay to beta test it!

  3. Runnoft,
    I did not choose to beta test the Comcast TiVo.

    I also have a first generation iPhone and it's not buggy. It works.

    I expect companies to provide quality products.

    Comcast has not been able to do it.

    I expect them to improve.