Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gridlock at Riverway and Brookline Ave

Slow Down Boston II

Bob Mathews writes in to oston The Globe's Globewatch and asks, Can't someone unclog the mess on the Riverway?:
"...erect signs on Brookline Ave. inbound at the Riverway intersection warning drivers not to block the intersection; consider stationing a police officer at the intersection during the busiest times to prevent gridlock."
Excellent suggestion Bob.

The selfish people who block the intersection need to be punished. It's bad behavior.

The city's response is unacceptable.

The issue you bring up about "multiple jurisdictions" was not even addressed by the Globe since the only contact they provide is from Boston Transportation Department.

People need to be fined $500 for blocking that intersection and the fee should be paid on site by Check or Credit Card.

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