Monday, December 31, 2007

We Live In Public

We live in public trailer from RADAR on Vimeo.

Zadi writes:
If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check out web entrepreneur/multi-media artist Josh Harris' trailer for his new documentary We Live In Public. It's a socio-political and artistic experiment that looks at what happens as we propel ourselves into lives that are on perpetual public display via the web. Eight years in the making, the million dollar project hooks up 32 web cams in a Manhattan loft that's set up bunker-style and records the lives of a 100 volunteer artists/guinea pigs while discussing the implications of the project as it d/evolves into madness. It asks the question: Will we survive in public?
via [ epic-fu ]

Wired, November 2000 - Steaming Video:
Like Marshall McLuhan, Josh Harris sees the medium, rather than its content, as the message. "When TV first came out, it had an impact like a social atomic bomb," he says. "But the mode of intimacy that I'm presenting, which we'll experience via the Net, is going to be bigger."
IMDB: We Live in Public.

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