Friday, December 21, 2007

Comcast TiVo DVR - Fast Forward (4 clicks)

Comcast TiVo DVR - Fast Forward (4 clicks) - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Fast Forward on the new Comcast TiVo DVR IS NOT the same as on the standalone TiVo. It takes (4) clicks to fast forward in stead of (3), plus that sweet TiVo buffer doesn't work as well. When you first see the recorded program after fast forwarding through a commercial, and hit the Fast Forward key once more to stop, it seems to stops at that point and you have to rewind to get to the start of the program. Maybe it's because the Fast Forward is a little faster than normal, but it's not a seamless change.

With the old TiVo you press FF three times and when you see the show start, you press FF again and the TiVo jumps back a little to start playback where the show starts again.

With the new TiVo, pressing FF four times makes it go too fast and then pressing FF again doesn't seem to support jump back.

BUT, if I press FF three times, and then press PLAY, when I see the show start, jump back seems to work.

It's a new way of using FF, with the PLAY key, but it seems to work.


  1. Hey Steve, were you a Comcast DVR subscriber? How does the Comcast Tivo compare? Aside from the limited harddrive space and some issues with the device recording ALL shows instead of new, I like the DVR better than Tivo.

  2. I was a Comcast DVR subscriber and a long time TiVo Subscriber. I know TiVo and the Comcast DVR is NO TiVo.

    The Comcast DVR w/o TiVo is so bad.

    TiVo is so good.

  3. Any particular feature comparison?

  4. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Huh, I always hit play on my TiVo when I wanted to stop fast forwarding. Hitting fast forward again seems counter-intuitive to me.

  5. Try it. You get to keep your finger on the same button and just push it one more time. So easy.

  6. Steve3:11 AM

    I dunno, I've always used play too. That way it doesn't matter which fast forward mode I was in. Play stops, and for my normal use, always lands me in the right spot (on a real TiVo). I don't always WANT to forward at the fastest speed...

  7. That's very interesting. I've NEVER thought about Fast Forwarding at a slower speed.

    I'll try it.

  8. One of the things I like about the Comcast DVR was programming the 30 second skip, which cuts down on my need for fast forwarding (couple of clicks and out already out of commercial). I know you were able to do the same thing with some Tivo remotes. Any word on the Comcast version?

  9. My biggest question is how does the speed of the interface compare with a standalone Tivo? Any time i've tried to use the Comcast DVR i've about thrown the remote through the tv because there's always such a redraw delay.

    Is it as snappy as Tivo?