Friday, December 21, 2007

Post Blogger Comments With a URL

Post Blogger Comments Using Your Own Domain:
"Blogger brought back the option to enter a URL when post unauthenticated comments."

While everyone was complaining about Blogger removing the ability to comment and put in your own URL, I contacted a friend who has a friend who works on Blogger. I made them aware that people were upset about it.

Now it's back.

I hope my email had something to do with the change.

Now the next thing they can do is change the wording. Change 'Nickname' to 'Name."



  1. steve, can you use your power to get google to change the "Garfield of the Day" to a post by you instead of the cartoon ?

  2. Clintus McGintus11:41 AM

    this makes me happy :)

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Well, Steve, it isn't working for me...
    This is the message I am getting
    You need to sign in to to complete this process.

    You should use a bookmark or type in the address to do this. This page does not contain any links, to protect you from phishing.

    Since I AM using, I AM signed in. But I guess it's trying to make me have an open id, which I am not really sure I want to have.

    So I am still stuck with being relatively anonymous.
    Thanks anyway :)

    Claude from Blogging in Paris