Friday, December 21, 2007

Presidential Candidates aren't Blogging

TechPresident just came out with their TechPresident's 2007 Campaign Web Index:
"TechPresident presents our 2007 Campaign Web Index, a year-end study of which campaigns are best at using the various elements of the web. For the survey we've tapped the very brightest minds working in tech and politics, who happen to be our own bloggers and other friends (some respondents have asked to remain anonymous). Check out their votes and opinions for who's best at online video, advertising, social networking, rapid response, and much more. Some of their responses may surprise you, and some may be entirely predictable.

Our panel judged Ron Paul and Barack Obama to have the best overall web presences, and they also led their respective fields in the most individual categories. Mike Huckabee and John Edwards followed, with each earning strong support from our panel. But while these four campaigns were the leaders, there were many surprises in specific categories. For example, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney scored the most points for their online rapid response work."
As a contributor to TechPresident, I contributed to the study, but my most important comment about blogging was lost in the compilation of responses.

Here's what I said:
"I visited every blog for each candidate and took a look at the first post.

Sam Brownback was the only candidate that had personally written the most recent post.

Although team blogs are great for getting campaign news out there, the personal blog gives the candidate the opportunity to talk directly to website visitors. Candidates should take advantage of the power of blogging."
I hope it's not too late for hte presidential candidates to contribute to their own blogs. They can write a blog post, record an audio or video... There are so many tools out there that make it easy.

If you see any presidential candidates out there in the wild, making blog posts themselves whether it be text, audio or video. Let me know by posting a link in the comments... I'd like to see it.

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