Monday, February 09, 2009

BU JO540 Class Notes - Blogs

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Submit stories to CNN iReport
iReport: Obama HOPE poster artist Shepard Fairey arrested in Boston

Put your photos on Flickr
Obey Giant Set
Massachusetts Turnpike Building Graffiti

Submit stories to WBZ TV Declare Your Curiosity
What happend to the wine shipment bill?

Send in a video report or comment to WHDH on Facebook

Notes from Class Blog review:

Share photos on Flickr.

Tagging allows others to find photos and share them.

When using Flickr photos:

1. Link back to flickr (that's in their terms and conditions)
2. Add a credit line
3. Add Creative Commons license info

To grab a flickr photo:

On a flickr photo page, click 'share', copy the HTML embed code, then past into a blogger post while in 'Edit HTML' mode.

Duplicate the embded code, replace the IMG tag with the image title.

Like this example:

Full Moon Over Boston
Full Moon Over Boston by stevegarfield, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

If your video doesn't fit in the main section of your blog.

Go into blog settings. Click edit HTML. Make the width of the Header and Main Body tag wider.

Note, that's a video embedded on Mary Stackhouse's blog and she adjusted the blog during the class. Fixed!

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