Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MTV's Jim Cantiello Explains what happened on American Idol tonight

MTV Newsroom - We’re Live-Blogging Round Three Of ‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week!:
"9:01 pm - Oh, “Idol,” you mad geniuses. Just when I was about to give up on you, you go ahead and add some crazy pointless framing device to the show. Tomorrow we’ll watch the Top 36 reveal at the JUDGE’S MANSION?! And they’ve added a “Sing For Your Surivival” round? HA! I LOVE THIS SHOW!
Okay, kids. I’ll be back tomorrow at 8pm to live-blog “Idol’”s 2-hour “We Watched The Tape and Changed Our Minds” episode. Until then, let me know what you thought of tonight’s show."
Now I have no idea what tomorrow's show is going to be about.

Update: E! Online explains what will happen Wednesday Night on American Idol:
The judges didn't have much to say on Tuesday's episode, probably because the performances—and the lyric flubs, meltdowns and flameouts—sang for themselves.

Actually, forgetting the words didn't end up hurting those who had already proved their musical mettle, such as record-label castoff Joanna Pacitti; Stephen Fowler, who even messed up his do-over and just walked off the stage dejectedly; and Casey Carlson, who maybe should have inked the words to "Tattoo" on her hand.

Those three—along with 51 others—still have a shot of making Idol's Top 36...

All will learn their fate tomorrow at the new judges' mansion, where Simon & Co. get to pass judgment in plusher than usual surroundings.
54 will be cut down to 36.

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