Thursday, February 26, 2009

Safari 4's Stop/Reload button should actually be a Reload/Stop button

Dear Apple,
When you right click on the toolbar in Safari 4, you can modify which icons show up.

I wanted the Reload Icon:

But only saw the Stop Icon:

Your default image for the Stop/Reload button should actually be this:

and that button should be labeled Reload/Stop since it's default state on the menu bar is Reload and not Stop.




Looks like the default has changed since I first looked at this. When I first tried Safari 4 there was no Stop/Reload button on the toolbar.

That's good.

The Stop/Reload should still be changed to Reload/Stop though.

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  1. Are you running on Windows? I don't get a stop/reload button. My stop button is on the left (attached to the address bar and the reload is an icon inside the address bar.

  2. Hi,
    I'm on a Mac and didn't see any stop or reload button, so I customized the toolbar by right clicking the toolbar. There you can add and remove toolbar items.

  3. Thats pretty strange because I totally don't get that. My toolbar customization looks like this. My version is: Version 4 Public Beta (5528.16). Maybe there are already different versions floating around out there. Oh well.

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  5. No reload/stop button for my choices.. But I did notice you can drag the address field smaller, so you don't have to swing your cursor to the extreme right just to reload; hover between google search and address field, and your cursor will turn bi-directional.

    Yeah, I know about keyboard commands, but I use both keyboard and mouse for the reload function, at different stages of browsing.

    Lame 'advancement', Apple. My desktop is not an iPhone, nor do I want it to be one..

  6. Stop/reload is now at the right hand side of the address bar.

    There's no button- its a small reload arrow thing within the address bar. Or an X inside the new "loading" bar.