Monday, October 05, 2009

Is it any wonder we said Oui?


Brendan O’Connor, wrote in The Sunday Independent:
"Is it any wonder we said Oui? What were we going to say to Europe? We have full confidence in the people who are governing us. We'll stick with them thanks? No, instead it was more of a plea. Will someone come and take us over please? Anyone? We don't care if you're European and we don't trust you. You'll do."
I saw a mention of this article from the Sunday Indepenent on the NY Times website, via twitter, but the NY Times didn't link to it.

So I'm linking to it here.

I spent an hour reading the front section of the Sunday Independent yesterday. Lots of interesting news from Ireland.

Dublin City Hall

We were in Dublin on the day of the vote and walked by City Hall late in the day. I saw a cameraman and asked him what hte result was, he told me it was lookign postitive, then the fellow with the camera man told me that yes was going to win the vote.

Later that night on the news I saw the same guy on TV, he was the reporter.

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