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Monday, October 05, 2009

[Video] Choosing a Video Camera

Steve Garfield talks about choosing a camera for producing online video. Cameras reviewed include the Creative Webcam, Panasonic FX 37, Flip, iPhone 3GS and Kodak Zi8. Microphone reviewed was the Brando flexible mini capsule Microphone.

Creative, Flip, Kodak, Nokia and XShot loaned me their products to review. Panasonic gave me the FX 37. I bought the iPhone 3GS as an upgrade the an iPhone that I won in a contest sponsored by the now defunct Boston NOW newspaper. I purchased the Brando Microphone and the Audio Technica ATR 3550 lav mic.

I bought a Skim Decaf Latte at JP Licks this morning. I had a scone for breakfast that was a gift from Aer Lingus.

Jeff Jarvis attacks the FTC's misguided, dangerous ad/blog endorsement rules.

7 Accessories 2 Make Video W/Your Iphone Much better a mini-review of [Video] Choosing a Video Camera.