Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gary Vaynerchuk filming Wine Library TV at Gillette Stadium with a Flip cam.

Gary Vaynerchuck shows how it's done at Gillette Stadium by fliming an episode of Wine Library TV with a Flip cam.


Watch the video. At the same time that everthing is wrong with this video, everything is right.

Gary has one of the most popular video shows on the internet, and for this one, he's done everything wrong.

He's filming it with a hand held flip cam, he's backlit with the sun pointing towards the camera, he has no additional lighting, there's some kind of air conditioner noise happening in the background, and the audio isn't the best quality. He isn't caught up in all the technical requirements of light kits, lav mics, extra batteries, power cords, tripods, steady shots, multiple shots, or anything remotely requiring knowledge of video production.

He's also done everything is right.

He's accomplishing his goal of filming his show at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, he's passionate about what he is doing, and he's sharing his love and knowledge of wine.

It works.

Make Gary's example work for you by getting involved in online video and staring a show about something you are passionate about.

Then, if you're interested inimporving your production values, you can always learn about it in a book I happen to have written. ;-)