Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FREE PDF - J.C. Hutchins novel, 7th Son: Descent

J.C. Hutchins novel, 7th Son: Descent - 10 chapter "Special Edition" PDF excerpt

The promotional email I received for 7th Son: Descent contained this excerpt:
For two years, J.C. chased publishers the traditional way. Unable to find a literary agent to represent his human cloning thriller -- but convinced his novels were worthy of an audience -- he took to the "podwaves" in 2006 and released the 7th Son trilogy as free serialized podcast audiobooks. A thriving community soon formed around J.C. and his fiction. By 2007, it was 40,000 members strong.

In ‘07, J.C. asked St. Martin's Press to consider 7th Son for publication. The publisher saw the thriving grassroots platform J.C. had created, and accepted. Nearly seven years to the day of writing the novel’s opening lines -- The president of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy... -- the first book in the trilogy will be released on Oct. 27.
I was impressed by J.C.'s story and interested in this promotional technique since I'm looking into promotional activities for my book. In return for making this post, an ad for my book, Get Seen, is included in the free PDF.

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