Sunday, October 18, 2009

Legacy Place: Everything is here to be bought

Robert Campbell writes in today's Boston Globe:
"My problem with Legacy Place isn’t the forgettable architecture. It’s that everything is here to be bought. On the old Main Street, the one that is supposedly being copied here, much of the action was about maintaining things, not merely buying them. There was maybe a shoe repair, a watchmaker, a tailor or dressmaker, a hardware store, a pharmacy, a dentist, a church, a clinic, a funeral parlor, a post office. Nothing like those exists at Legacy Place."


  1. There's brilliant insight for you. There's no church or funeral parlor at the mall. Thanks, Einstein.

  2. I live right behind Legacy Place and the best line I've heard so far is that with the completion of this project, Dedham has gone from being the rich man's Brockton to being the poor man's Needham!