Friday, October 23, 2009

New Media Tools for Journalism Slides - 10/23/09

Best. Class. Ever.

I taught New Media Tools for Journalism at BU today and had the best time. The students were enthusiastic and excited to learn new ways to tell stories using a cellphone. This class could have gone on all day long since there's so much to cover. We had lots of fun using the new tools in class.

New Media Tools For Journalism

In this class we take a tour though the tools you can use to report stories with a cellphone. Text, photo, audio and video, using tools like twitter, flickr, utterli, blogtalkradio, ustream, and qik. Auto post to twitter when you send a photo in to flickr.

These two tweets are what it's all about:

Thanks to the students for making it a great class.

Here are my slides:

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