Friday, October 23, 2009

twitter for Journalism

Some ideas on how twitter can be used for journalism:

Breaking News - Plane Crash
Reporting from a Press Event
Conduct Interviews - Business Week
Asking for help - Wisdom of Crowd
Promoting sites - Point to blog posts
Linking to photos - Flickr, twitpic
Linking to audio - Utterli, BlogTalkRadio
Linking to video - Flickr, YouTube, Qik, Ustream

You can post to twitter from, via SMS, web interface on mobile phones, or cellphone clients like twitterrific and tweetie.

Here are some more suggestions of people to follow on twitter:

jayrosen nyu - news / professor
david gregory - Meet the Press Host, just joined
imogen heap - my favorite musical artist
garyvee - wine library tv
cc chapman - pr / marketing in boston
chris brogan - social media guy in boston
baratunde - comedian, the onion
jimmy fallon - late night host!
Scott Beale - laughingsquid - SF tech guy
jeff pulver - social media
julia roy - NYC PR, has a YouTube show about twitter
ijustine - she is the internet
Jim Long - newmediajim - NBC camera guy who follows Obama

stevegarfield - Follow me too.

Online Video People to follow a TweepML list.

Photo to Flickr

Get your email address at Then you can use that address to email photos from your cellphone into flickr.

Photo to Flickr to twitter

Step 1:
- Sign into flickr
- Set up twitter as a “blog” - Authenticate your flickr account with twitter’s API.

Step 2:
Add 2twitter to the email


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  1. The first step, though, is building up your follower list, because without that, you're basically shouting into the wind - and when you get that big scoop and want to tell everybody, well, there won't be anybody there to hear.

    That's something that takes time and nurturing as you become part of a community - and then create your own sort of sub-community of folks who follow and engage you in news discussions.