Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Comcast Speed Test 18 Hours After After Extreme 50 Upgrade

62/11, 50/11 ST

You should see the faster speeds after 12 - 24 hours. This isn't looking any better.

Comcast Speed Test 11 Hours After After Extreme 50 Upgrade

76/10, 53/9 ST

Comcast Speed Test Just After Upgrade but Before Modem Reset

60/11, 50/10 ST

Comcast Speed Test After Netgear WNR1000v2 Wireless-N router 6/11/10

60/12 ST

Note: ST -


  1. I'm on the FIOS 25/25 plan and the fastest speed I could get was 24 down and 22 up using to the Washington location.

    Granted, I was going via wifi. Going to plug in and do the test again. Hold please....

  2. Holy cow. The download speed jumped to 32. The upload stayed close. It's still at 22 and change.

    I wonder if it's faster if you don't have the TV on. Does the signal split? What if I'm watching On-Demand?