Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes at Today on

New today:

Behind the scenes, online, while the Today Show is live.


I love this stuff.


I hate this.

Too much Kathie Lee this early in the morning.

I can't take it.

Everyone is SO excited about broadcast live behind the scenes. It's not such a television breakthrough. The Early Show on CBS has been doing it for a while, and as for live streaming to the web, unfiltered and unmediated content, well myself and others been doing that for years.

Behind the Scenes at TODAY

Love you Ann!

Mike Proulx writes, 2-Screen Convergence: The Today Show Synced Broadcast/Webcast:
A few things I was thinking as I was watching:

- As a big fan of the show, I enjoyed seeing the complexity of what goes into it
- It was near impossible to pay attention to both screens at the same time
- I prefer the 2nd screen to compliment the broadcast instead of competing with it
- There’s got to be a way for show sponsors to gain benefit from the web stream

As much as the geek in me loves (and goes out of his way to participate in) any form of TV + Web convergence, the last 2 bullets, above, are key considerations as we all move forward in a world where our screens are converging.
Agreed with #2. The webcast was way too noisy.

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