Thursday, March 17, 2011

SXSW 2011 Wednesday March 14, 2011 Report

Best Booth Babe at #SXSW Siobhan Lyons @seagate cc @47project
Best Booth Babe at #SXSW Siobhan Lyons @seagate. She said I could title this photo that way because the alliteration was the best.

Seagate is my favorite drive and it was so much fun to talk with Siobhan abbot the crazy new capacities on their drives. You can even personalize the portable drives with stars like Justin Bieber.

Star and Micey on the show floor.

Old school Video Camera!

Had a great time walking the show floor with Valeria Moltoni, @ConversationAge. We're writing a song together.

Matthew Lesko at #SXSW
We saw Mather Lesko walking around in his ? suit.

The Music People have arrived. Free music at the Hilton lobby.


Salt Lick: Brisket and Turkey
Best way to end the trip is to eat at the Salt Lick at the airport. Awesome!

Watch on Thursday at 2:00 ET for a LIVE call in SXSW recap show.

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