Saturday, March 05, 2011's Visa Cardholder Unfriendly Rewards Redemption Procedure Rewards Card

I just got a cry for help from a friend asking how to redeem his points in's Visa Cardholder Rewards Program.

It's not easy.

It used to work better. When you spent enough, you'd get an Amazon Gift Certificate in the mail. You could use it to buy anything on after keying in the Gift Certificate number online.

Side note:
It would have been a better program if the reward amount was directly credited to your Amazon Account, but that was never going to happen. They like it when gift certificates go unused.

Then they made it worse.

Instead of automatically sending out the certificates, now you have to go online to redeem them.

Then they mail them to you, and then you key them in online.

This new program introduces another impediment between you redeeming you earning and then redeeming your rewards.

So for my friend, here's 9 Steps to redeem your's Visa Cardholder Rewards online:
1. Log on to your Account
2. Click Rewards Credit Card
3. Click Redeem your rewards
4. Click $25® gift certificate
5. Click Add to Cart
6. Click Check Out
7. Click Next
8. Click Next
9. Click Order Reward Items
That's Not Right.

Just credit my account directly instead of making me go online to redeem the award, so that you can mail me a certificate, that I then have to key into a computer.

Mailing me the award certificate, and making me go online again to key in the awards certificate number, isn't right.

More info:
How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points by logging onto or by calling 1-888-247-4080. Redemptions include gift cards, cash, a selection gift cards, airline tickets and other options. Restrictions apply. View Rewards Program Rules and Regulations [PDF]

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