Monday, March 07, 2011

Boston Parking Meter Stupid Cards

Oh man.

Meter watching
Meter watching by moriza, on Flickr CC BY

Now The City of Boston Transportation Department is coming out with Boston Parking Meter Smart Cards:
The second upcoming change to the City’s parking meter system will be the implementation of a pilot credit card program at 144 single space meters in Boston’s Financial District. Drivers who park at multi-space meters already have the option of paying by credit card and this pilot program will provide drivers who park at these 144 single space meters with the credit card option as well. The pilot program will be executed in February.

Finally, the Transportation Department will also soon be unveiling Boston Parking Meter Smart Cards. The Smart Cards will be reloadable debit cards designed for use at single space meters throughout the City, with the exception of those single space meters included in the credit card pilot program. When available, Parking Meter Smart Cards will be sold at the Office of the Parking Clerk in Room 224, Boston City Hall and at the BTD Tow Lot at 200 Frontage Road. Eventually, they will be available for purchase online.

Commissioner Tinlin concluded, “BTD is working hard to provide Boston drivers with the best modern technology available to ensure that parking on local streets is simple, convenient and affordable. Most people simply do not carry around fistfuls of quarters any longer and our goal is to see that Boston’s on-street public parking system adapts to this reality.”
What can I say about this?

No one goes to City Hall or the Tow Lot. This is a joke.

Does The City of Boston Transportation Department talk to the MBTA?

Reusable, Rechargeable CharlieCards & Tickets.

Aren't regular credit and debit cards good enough?

Waste. Of. Time.

That's Not Right.

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