Monday, March 07, 2011

Boston Parking Meters: Three Year Test Was Success, Let's Start All Over

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Today's Boston Globe reports: For parking, a choice of coins or plastic, Test program puts credit card readers on some prime downtown meters:
City officials decided to launch the pilot program following the success of the multispace meters offering credit card payment on Newbury and Boylston streets in the Back Bay and in the Bulfinch Triangle downtown, which were put in place three years ago, according to Transportation Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin....

He said officials will have to see how the meters respond to the full range of New England’s punishing weather before deciding whether to proceed from the free pilot program — with materials provided by the San Diego-based IPS Group Inc. — to a permanent program, which would be put out to bid.
Why would you need to test a NEW system, after "the success of the multispace meters"?

That's not right.

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  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    As much as this shows the sloth-like approach of the Menino administration, I think its equally interesting how lazy it shows the Boston Globe to be. Why arent they pointing this out in the article? Why dont they ask Timlin why 3 years isn't enough? Its like every city article you read in the globe, they just print press releases from the mayors office. This summer an 'article' trumpeted the forthcoming bike sharing and how its all part of Menino's bike Boston effort, while failing to even mention he made the same proclamation a year earlier that it was going to start in 2010.