Saturday, March 05, 2011

Charlie Sheen LIVE on Ustream 3/5/11 [UPDATED]

First 4:30 with chat room along the side. Full video below courtesy of Mashable and Ustream.

109,484 viewers at 10:22 ET.

100,721 viewers at 10:33 ET.

98,146 viewers at 10:37 ET.

95,600 viewers at 10:39 ET.

93,290 viewers at 10:44 ET.

91,525 viewers at 10:47 ET.

@stevegarfield I think @charliesheen should read #getseen -- maybe you can send him a signed copy!less than a minute ago via web

I think he can afford to buy a copy. ;-)

How to do online video:

Charlie Sheen’s Recorded Ustream Video Now Available [UPDATED]

Video streaming by Ustream

SNL Charlie Sheen Cold Open was better that the real Charlie Sheen on Ustream.

Duh! Winning! 3/5/11

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