Friday, December 02, 2011

[Video] Jamaica Plain to Route 9 Driving Directions

Jamaica Plain to Route 9
Image: Jamaica Plain to Route 9 Web Page from 2002

Back in 2002 I made up a web page to document how to get from Jamaica Plain, MA to Route 9. You know in Boston, you can't get there from here?

Sometimes you need good directions.

I posted three videos, Jamaica Plain to Route 9, to my .mac homepage.

Today I saw from @thatdrew a Peugeot RCZ and Google Maps mashup that combines Google Maps images into a video of any route you choose.

I made a Boston Public Garden to Fenway Park video mashup. Pretty neat.

But not as cool as the actual video I made back in 2002.

So I uploaded it to YouTube and used YouTube annotations to link the three videos together. It's pretty cool and all 2011.

Try it.

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