Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WBZ TV: Don't Declare Your Curiosity

Lisa Hughes and Steve Garfield
Image: Lisa Hughes (On TV) and Steve Garfield (Not on TV)

WBZ-TV newscast set gets $750,000 facelift:
Change is also happening off camera. The station has downplayed its light-hearted social media franchises such as “Conversation Nation’’ and “Declare Your Curiosity’’ - which asked viewers for story tips - in favor of more hard news and investigative reports that its parent CBS news division is known for.
Find the station at CBS Boston WBZ.

WBZ had a good thing going with “Conversation Nation’’ and “Declare Your Curiosity’’ but they didn't take it far enough. I had fun going in an making a promo encouraging people to engage with the station.

Fun huh?

In 2012 I'd love to be able to work with a local media outlet and be on TV.

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