Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boston Globe: Supermarkets shrink to fit city spaces. Whole Foods in Jamaica Plain.

Whole Foods Jamaica Plain Sign

Nice article by Kathleen Pierce, in today's Boston Globe, about the new Whole Foods in Jamaica Plain: Supermarkets shrink to fit city spaces
Whole Foods in Jamaica Plain is latest to try a smaller space:
"Steve Garfield, who lives a 20-minute walk from the Whole Foods in Jamaica Plain, said the store has changed the way he shops. He now stops in every other day for fresh food to prepare for his family that night.

“This is exactly what they do in France,’’ he said.

But there are a few things his Whole Foods doesn’t have.

“We miss fresh bread,’’ said Garfield, referring to the lack of an on-site bakery. Another thing he misses: the Whole Foods cafe, where the self-employed Internet start-up consultant sometimes popped open his laptop to work.

But the urban edition offers something its suburban counterparts, such as the 63,080-square-foot emporium in Dedham’s Legacy Place, can’t.

“I bump into my neighbors all the time,’’ Garfield said. “It’s a nice little community place.’’"

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