Thursday, December 15, 2011

[Video] Mega Upload Song

Mega Upload Song - Note: Click once to see an ad, then click the play button again to watch the music video.

The Verge: Tech News Today episode censored by Universal:
A clip from Tech News Today episode 391 featuring the MegaUpload "Mega Song" video, which caused Universal to have the entire episode pulled from YouTube.
Megaupload: Join the fight against censorship:
...On December 9, 2011, we re-launched our website, featuring endorsements by top celebrities including P Diddy,, Kanye West and Chris Brown. The campaign includes a promotional song and video containing snippets from those celebrities called the Mega Song. The video became an instant viral online sensation. Within hours, it was the top trending topic on Twitter, and global news media reported about and linked to the video utilizing Youtube's embedded video player.

To our surprise, Universal Music Group (UMG) sabotaged our campaign by deleting Mega's creation from Youtube, abusing the DMCA takedown process and unlawfully claiming ownership of the Mega Song. UMG is currently lobbying lawmakers in Washington for legislation that would allow them to not only delete specific content from a website, but to delete entire websites from the Internet. After this demonstration of the abuse of power by UMG, we are certain that such an instrument of Internet censorship should not be put into the hands of corporations.

Let us be clear: Nothing in our song or the video belongs to Universal Music Group. We have signed agreements with all artists endorsing Megaupload. Efforts to reach out to UMG and open a dialogue about this abuse of the DMCA process were answered with unfounded and baseless legal threats and demands for an apology.
Hollywood Reporter: Dispute Over Megaupload's Viral Music Video Takes Another Odd Twist:
Megaupload also has something to say about the takedown notice by Will.I.Am.
According to Kim Dotcom's declaration, he says he spoke to the superstar on Monday, and Will.I.Am "personally advised me that he absolutely had not authorized the submission of any takedown notice on his behalf."
NY Times: File-Sharing Company Sues Record Label, for a Change:
Megaupload, a service for sharing large media files over the Internet that has often run afoul of Hollywood and the music industry, is suing the Universal Music Group for blocking a promotional video from being played on YouTube.

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