Friday, December 21, 2012

I Ate the Kitchen Sink Burger with Beet Fries and a Beer at Grass Fed

Grass Fed, in Jamaica Plain, has been open a while, so we decided to stop in and see how things were going since the last time we visited. That was on opening week, and it was crazy.

Grass Fed
Image: Grass Fed

My wife, Carol, and I sat at the bar, and were greeted by a server, who made sure we had menus. After taking quite a while to decide on something, I ordered.

Carol suggested that I get 'The Starving Artist' special because I have photos hanging at The Hallway Gallery, down the street, and she doesn't think they've sold yet. ;-)

'The Starving Artist' special lets you get a burger, fries, and some type of soft drink or an Atwater's beer for $9. It's a late afternoon special going from 2:30 PM until 4-ish. Check on the specials when you get there.

I chose the Kitchen Sink Burger:
The Kitchen Sink Burger at Grass Fed - Menu
Image: The Kitchen Sink Burger at Grass Fed - Menu Item

I ordered, and then Carol told me that we were going to split it. Ha!

The beer came first, in a frosty can.

Atwater's Lager
Image: Atwater's Lager

The burger and fries came shortly after.

The Kitchen Sink Burger at Grass Fed
Image: The Kitchen Sink Burger at Grass Fed

The burger was a very good size. For fries I chose the beet fries. I've never had them before and enjoyed them. They're better for you, right?

Having a burger at the bar was a good experience. We'll be back.

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