Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hey! There's Google+ in my Blogger.

Drew and Shauna
Image: Drew and Shauna

Oh hey there! Look what my friend +Drew Olanoff wrote in +TechCrunch :

Google+ Builds Stronger Ties To Blogger, Now Lets You Mention Other Users In Your Posts:
You can now mention anyone on Google+ within your post, and they’ll see it as a notification. Good way to get people’s attention, also a good way to provide context to your content.
This is very cool and I think that +C.C. Chapman , +Lynette Young , +Chris Brogan , +Robert Scoble , +Jeff Cutler , +Jeff Jarvis , +Kerry O'Shea Gorgone , +Scott Beale , +Scott Monty , +Chris Pirillo , +Christopher Penn , +Kosso K , +Beth Kanter , +Deborah Ng and +Elspeth Rountree will be interested to see it.

Yay +Blogger and +Google+ .

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