Monday, December 17, 2012

Let A Story Telling Machine Help You Make a Web Video from Photos and Audio

That's my StoryTelling Machines video about Boston Media Makers.

StoryTelling Machines presents you with a template for telling three types of stories: Team, Product/Service, and Weekly Blog Post. Right now, the free version (sign up before Dec 25th) is limited to 50 videos and up to 1,000 views per month.

The StoryTelling Machines website assembled my video after I gave it some photos to use, recorded a voice over track, and picked a music bed.

Here are the steps for the style I choose.

STEP 1: Enter basic info and up to 4 photos. Note: In this step, one of my photos got caught in an uploading... loop. I refreshed the page and that fixed it.

STEP 2: Enter Experience

STEP 3: Passion

STEP 4: Something Fun

STEP 5: Music and Fonts. The music bed styles were great for the limited selection. Sometimes I like limited, fewer choices to make. ;-)

STEP 6: Record Your Voice. The text says to press the 'Record' button, but you can only see that button if you press the ">" sign first. Then you can record. I've notified them so they can fix the screen.

STEP 7: Record Your Voice for each group of photos that you uploaded earlier.

STEP 8: Preview and Publish

STEP 9: Grab the embed code or share the link.

In addition to allowing you to embed your video, it lives on the StoryTelling Machines website.

This is a very well done site and makes it easy for someone to make a video without having to record video.

The Step by Step process also introduces creators to the process of 'storyboarding a video' to make it easier to see what's needed to be able to tell a story.

The end results are nice. In the example they show how you can have a clickable link at the end of the video. I'll have to go back and look for that in my next video.

I can't edit this one without loosing my URL until I republish.
Editing will unpublish this movie and allow you to make changes. People will not be able to see the movie at the above URL until you republish it.

Read more here: Tools help make smartphone videos smarter.

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