Monday, December 17, 2012

YouTube Connect Video Camera App for iPhone

It's yet another video camera app for iPhone.

YouTube Connect Video Camera App for iPhone [ iTunes Link ]

It's free, but why would you want it.

Best feature: When you turn on the camera is says "Rotate the screen to start"

YouTube Connect: Rotate the screen to start
Image: YouTube Connect: Rotate the screen to start

Thank you YouTube!

That's worth it.

Tech Crunch: Google Launches Dedicated YouTube Video Camera App For iPhone and iPod Touch likes these features:
One nice feature of the app, Google writes, is that it will continue to upload your video in the background even after you minimize the app. You can also control who sees your video by setting it to the usual YouTube privacy settings (private, unlisted, and public). The app, of course, also makes use of the usual YouTube enhancements like color correction and stabilization, and it lets you “trim the length and add free background music from YouTube.”
A few features I'm going to have to try.

Connecting to Social Media outposts is now easier with iOS integration of YouTube, G+, Facebook, and Twitter.

I recorded a quick video and shared everywhere.

Image: Two YouTube Connect Video posts on Facebook

I've got so much going on that I got two posts on Facebook. One from the App and one from some other Social Media connection. ;-)

YouTube Video


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