Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Add Lower Thirds (Your Name on Screen) to a Google+ Video Hangout

Back in the early days of Google+ Video Hangouts, 2012, there was no way within G+ to add people's names to the bottom of the screen. In fact, back then, you couldn't live stream a G+ video hangout either. In fact, you had to walk up a hill, both ways, in the snow to get to school.

Now, the ability to add your name to a G+ Hangout is available in the Google+ Toolbox App.

The older Hangout Lower Third standalone app is being replaced by this Google+ Toolbox App.

The Google+ Toolbox App is one of many apps you can now add to a Google+ Hangout, when you are in a hangout. Here's how:
If you want to use the Hangout Toolbox, just click on the + button in the new app sidebar, followed by a click on Hangout Toolbox! That's it. easy, simple, right where you need it.
Once you install and run the app, it looks like this:

Google+ Hangouts with Lower Thirds

Once installed you have these features for Lower Thirds (The First Button on the Top Left of the Hangout Toolbox Menu):
Lower Thirds:
Line one - Line one of text
Line two - Line two of text
Bar Color - Color of lower thirds
Choose File for Logo Image
Select Country - If you want a flag instead of a custom Logo

Display Clock:

Custom Overlay:
"If you want to build a complete custom overlay, create a transparent PNG with the size 640x360 pixel. You can then load it with the second file selector as a custom overlay."

Instead of looking at the display as a mirror, switch to looking at it as others will see the screen. I much prefer it this way.

Save all your settings for later use.
That's it for the Lower Thirds feature of the Google+ Hangout Toolbox.

There are other features in here too, like sound effects, but those aren't important now.

Have fun.

I'll be using Hangout Toolbox Lower Thirds today, Wednesday January 23, 2013, come watch!

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