Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My Three Words for 2013: PLAY, FUN, and SURPRISE

Like CC Chapman, I've been writing down lots of words to help me decide on my three words for 2013.

I've been doing this exercise for a while since Chris Brogan first introduced it. Here's Chris Brogan's My 3 Words for 2013. Chris says:
Think of three words that sum up what you want to work actionably on changing/improving in the coming year. It works best when the words are positive in spirit and not negative. For instance: “Fat” isn’t exactly a great word, but “Fit” would be better. Think of words that give you more than just a simple goal. For instance, instead of “fit,” I’d look to go with “athlete” or “marathon runner” or some person that connects you to those goals.

The idea is to look deeper than a single goal and try to give you an entire mindset to contemplate.
Ze Frank just picked his three words and made a video about them. This made an impression on me.

Gregory Ng is changing things up for 2013, and my new friend Nick Kellet creatively chose Be Worthy Together.

I love reading these creative choices and the reasons behind them.

Last year my three words were: Broadcast, Invest, Play.

I really committed to them and did a pretty good job.

For Broadcast I experimented more with live streaming tools and as an on air personality I had a blast hosting some shows and being called in as an expert on local TV. I hope to do more in 2013.

Investing is moving along well. As an Angel Investor I've been working with my portfolio companies and added a new one, Fashion Project, that helps you clean out your closet for charity.

I totally nailed Play this year. Although the specifics of what I wrote down at the beginning of the year got lost in the larger picture, I had a lot of fun.

I'm going to keep this one going for 2013, continuing to focus some of the ways that play worked for me in 2012 including travel and food blogging.

I'm interested in working with high end resorts that are looking to share their story in a personal way via social media.

I'll also try to do better at some of the specifics, from my 2012 post, including reading and golfing.

Back in 2009 my three words were Change, Story and Funny.

In my notes for this year, funny still comes up, along with stories, stage, and laugh.

I'm bringing back FUN for 2013.

Whenever I look at doing a new project, I'll only do it if it's fun. So that's nothing new, but I'll also focus to bringing fun to the forefront in my writing and speaking.

Ze Frank had this one in his video. Ze talked about:

- Trying New Things.
- Being uncomfortable.
- Breaking patterns.

This is a good year for me to do those things too.

What it will mean, I don't know yet, but that's going to be part of the surprise.

What are your Three Words for 2013?

Check out CC Chapman's book, includes the Three Words exercise:

Also, Chris Brogan's:


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Here's hoping I do a better job at mine this year by taking a different approach.


  2. I like the surprise on.

    I personally need more surprises and breaking patterns. I want to be more disruptive in how I handle many things. Change is good if you embrace it.

    Hope to see you in 2013!

    Here are my 3 words for 2013 → http://raulj.com/3w2013

  3. Steve - Thanks for visiting my blog and I enjoyed reading the inspiration and reasoning behind your three words. I like Fun. It's what most people's lives need more of. Rock on in 2013. I plan on having more Sparkle ;)

  4. Hello stranger :) I love your three words! Here are mine: http://bit.ly/UjiHtv I think you will recognize one of the faces from my photo collage. Wishing you the best year ever!

  5. Bigringcyclist4:21 PM

    Your three words are quite inspirational. I started participating in "My Three Words" last year and found it truly rewarding. I write them in bold letters on the first page of my planner. My 2012 words were Courage, Connect, Simplify. For 2013: Challenge - Explore - Shine. Here's to a fantastic year for all...