Friday, January 25, 2013

My Father Was A Magician

My father was a magician
Image: Aaron Garfield - Magician

I originally posted a video on November 22, 2004, as part of my early testing of my RSS 2.0 feed with a video enclosure.

Here's the description:
My father was a magician.

I found a bag of his tricks today and that brought back memories of the shows he performed. He started out doing a magic show for one of my birthday parties, then he did shows for friends, and ended up doing shows at local hospitals. Some of the tricks I found are pretty old.

I also found some index cards that listed which trick would go into which of his pockets.

He was organized, as am I.
Recently, one of the little kids from one of the parties contacted the family to say that they had a video from the party of my dad doing a magic trick.

We never had a video camera when I was little, so this is the only video I have of my dad, and he's doing a magic trick.

This is so cool. Since it's a silent movie, I couldn't resist adding some sound. Video purists can mute the audio,. ;-)

Here are some photos of the things I found:

Aaron Garfield doing magic
Image: Dad doing magic at the Children's Hospital

Aaron doing a magic show for kids and nuns

Aaron doing a magic show for kids and nuns 2
Images: Aaron doing a magic show for kids and nuns

Magic Trick
Image: Chinese Laundry Tickets Torn & Restored

Cup and Balls
Image: Cup and Balls

Magic performance list
Image: Magic performance list


  1. Hi - This is Millie G -Steve's mom and the magician's wife!What a wonderful and special video this is.

    After all these years it was very special to see my husband perform those magic tricks for the neighbor children.

    He loved doing it and they loved him.

  2. Adele Pelletier1:40 PM

    Hi Milly and Stephen,

    I am watching this now and am in tears--so moving to see and have these memories from days of old. I am mother of one of the little kids that gave the birthday party that Milly and Aaron attended when Arron did a magic show for the kids--it was Robin's birthday party.

    Aaron was such a kind soul with a big smile and a bigger heart.

    Hugs to Milly and Stephen,

    (Adele mom to Dave and Robin--two more stars in the video.)

  3. Great page Steve!

    The video of your Dad performing at my Sisters 6th Birthday party certainly is a nice addition to this page.

    I enjoy how you edited the movie and especially how you added in the movie projector sound that I had originally removed from the video... :^)

    You look great by the way.


    David P.

  4. You must be a proud son! You dad is looking amazing in video! Nice editing. He knew some good magical stuff.