Thursday, January 23, 2014

Testing out the lumolens 0.4x Wide Angle Lens for Smartphones

Image: lumolens

I first saw the lumolens as a sponsored Facebook post. I don't know how they figured  out how to show me a sponsored post but in this case it was perfect because those other lens systems that use the magnetic rings never really worked well for me because the additional metal has to stick on your smart phone and would always fall off so I was looking forward to testing this one.

Image: lumolens and iPhone 5

Image: lumolens photo shoot

Here are some before and after iPhone photos.

I'm having fun seeing how best to use the lumolens.

An exaggerated selfie seems to be a good use case.

You can get the lumolens on

iPhone lens instant clip on attachment that works with your case with no need to glue metal rings - Not just wide angle, this is a super 0.4x wide angle lens that lets you capture 60% more - For iPhone 4S, 4, 5, 5C, 5S, Android devices and tablets like the iPad - Retail packaging with full 5 year guarantee by lumolens


A couple of set up tips from lumolens.

Update 2:

Just took this cool shot while skiing.

It takes few moments to get the lens attached correctly so that it stays in focus. Also, if you bang it up against something it moves, and you have to readjust it. I hope they come out with a stationary lens holder that allows you to clip the lens on without having to adjust it or worry that it's not attached exactly right.


  1. oohhhh I like that! Does it work for all (e.g. droid) smartphones?

  2. The lens has to be near the edge.

  3. via lumolens:
    "It works very well with the Droid and a very wide range of other phones, tablets and mobile devices! You can check it out here:"