Friday, January 31, 2014

Yuri Baranovsky Breaks Another Leg With Viral Super Bowl Commercial

Back in the early days of video blogging, I had a web series called Vlog Soup.

It was a show that highlighted the best of web video.

In August of 2007 I highlighted a web series by Yuri Baranovsky called Break A Leg.

I thought the show was so funny, that in my video review, I edited out one of the characters and inserted myself into the video.

Here's the episode:

Yuri is having fun again with this Super Bowl commercial satire, Swiffle. He calls it a, "faux satirically sexist superbowl ad."

Some people think it's real: Super Bowl commercials 2014: Watch early ads from M&M's, Audi, Bud Light and more

CBS New York: WATCH: Big List Of Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials And Teasers

Image: Courtesy BET

BET: Ad on the Play: Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial Preview

Some people are upset.

I told Yuri that I thought that having the actress chew gum made it look like it wasn't a real ad.

Yuri replied, "Well we really didn't think anyone in their right mind would think it's real. It's completely ridiculous..."


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