Friday, January 17, 2014

The New World of Sharing Moments and Interacting in Real Time

Never have I been a very wordy writer. Usually I take a lot of photos when
going to a tech conference, traveling, or visiting a new restaurant. It's easy
to share moments quickly by using the camera I have on me. When I immediately share, I
give the reader a real time look into where an am and what I am doing. It also gives
you, the read, an opportunity to interact with me in real time. You might say to go
up the street to a nearby bar. That's exciting. Back in 2004/2005, when shooting video, I
never was able to share like this. I imagined a future where people with cameras were
going to be able to share, but didn't know how long it was going to take. Now, in order
to capture moments and share them, all you need is a connected device. The iPhone will
let you share from anywhere. When I was in Paris, I turned on airplane mode, to save. But
you can still use WiFi to share. I was always on the lookout for places to have some
down time, and let the photos upload over WiFi. Many caf├ęs got my business that way.
Never was there a time when I could not find a free WiFi location. When I found myself
going from one place to another, I could still take Instagrams, letting the upload fail
to upload, then when I got to my next WiFi, spot, I just retried, and the phone would
run through my photos and send them along. That also gave me the opportunity to look
around and enjoy a respite from traveling. I could also see comments, suggestions,
and activity on my photos and posts. I would look at my fellow travelers like they were in a
desert, cut off from civilization, while taking photos that they were going to share later,
you might never see them. I always wondered what fellow photographers did with their photos,
never share them. I'll never know. There's a new app on iOS called YouTube Capture. It's
going make capturing and assembling video easy for many more people. What it allows you
to do it, take multiple clips, and then trim off the ends, and assemble them together to
make a movie. After assembling a multi-clip movie, you can add music if you want, and then
you share directly to YouTube. It's very straight forward and easy. Professional videographers
cry about the poor quality produced by devices like smartphones, but when you look at it, it
never ceases to amaze me how great the resultant movies look. They are HD quality. The videos are
going to be shown on TV, online and in movie theaters. What's most important is the story meant
to be shared. If the sound is good, and there's a story, that evokes an emotion, many will
say they were entertained and not notice anything about the video quality. It's time to say
goodbye to the naysayers. Things are only going to get better. I'm exited to try new devices that
never stop coming out. I enjoy showing how to use these devices to their fullest. I'm also
going to try to tell stories that are fun and creative. When I share, I try to pick a place
to share my content, that will give it an audience. I'm getting a lot of interactions, where I
tell a story and people comment, over on Facebook. I also like Twitter, and Instagram. Even
a 'like' shows me that someone was there and cared enough to let me know that they visited. I can't
lie, I like likes. Part of the new landscape of social media sharing is the feedback loop
and it could be the most important. So I'll keep sharing and hope you keep interacting. It can't
hurt to share, and respond. It beings us closer together. The ambient intimacy that we share, make
you connected to me.

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