Friday, January 31, 2014

Searching for Chip and Pin Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fee

I'm searching for Chip and Pin Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fee.

I've gotten Travelex Cash Passport Card in the past: Buying a Chip and Pin Card in the US for England.

More on the Travelex card:
Your Cash Passport Card is a prepaid card which is loaded with money prior to your trip, locking in the exchange rate of the funds you load each time you load, reload or transfer currencies on the card.

Oops: Fees & Limits for Your Multi-currency Cash Passport™ Prepaid Mastercard®:
Foreign Exchange Fee 5.50%

Researching online:
FlyerTalk Forums Thread Wiki: USA EMV cards available today (Chip & PIN -or- Chip & Signature):
What is the difference between Chip-and-Signature and Chip-and-PIN?
You insert the chipped card into the slot. The physical contact terminal will read the EMV chip and the terminal will automatically read the preferred cardholder verification methods (called CVM) for that card.

Chip-and-Signature means that the terminal will printout a receipt for you to sign. This is the most prevalent authentication for most US issued EMV cards. Chip-and-Signature helps in a way that it will get through to face-to-face merchant transactions where you and the merchant do not speak the same language.

Chip-and-PIN means that the terminal will prompt you to input a PIN for authentication. Some credit union issued credit cards will have this CVM as secondary if Chip-and-Signature cannot be done. Chip-and-PIN is the more prevalent method of authentication used outside the US, especially in transaction environments where no human interaction is needed (i.e. automated gas pumps, toll roads, train kiosks, etc.).

Using twitter to help:

AMEX - No. Chip and Signature only.

Discover - Not yet.

Visa - Ask a Visa Card Issuer.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card - Chip and Signature

This is a handy Google Doc:

EMV cards available in the US


Bank of America Merrill Lynch adds Chip and Pin Technology to it's Travelcards:
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a leader in card services for middle-market, large corporate and public sector clients, today announced that it is expanding chip and PIN technology to all purchasing and travel credit card products available to clients in the United States. This is the latest development in the company’s ongoing effort to rollout EMV® (EuroPay Mastercard Visa) technology to its global client base.

“We’re committed to providing the most technologically advanced solutions, which our clients increasingly need to improve efficiencies while adding another layer of security,” said Kevin Phalen, head of Global Card and Comprehensive Payables in Global Transaction Services (GTS). “More of our clients are asking for chip and PIN capability – not just for their key executives but for their entire employee base – and we have directed significant investments into our card platform to meet that demand.”

BankAmericard Travel Rewards® Credit Card.

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