Friday, June 21, 2002

18 Songs From My iPod
Main Title, Mark Snow, La Femme Nikita - Music From The Television Series Soundtrack
Mark Snow has worked on more than a hundred television movies and series, PC games and feature films.

Have Some Rain, The Evinrudes, The Evinrudes Rock
Out of Nashville Sherry Cothran and Brian Reed are now on Mercury with the self titled CD, the EvinRudes.

Chemicals, The Control Group, an elaborate system of pulleys <-- LOCAL
It's a cool band and also leading edge web site developers.

Horses, Rubyhorse, Mini Hummer EP <-- LOCAL
Rubyhorse played The Burren for 60 weeks and generated quite a large local following.

Cut Chemist Suite, Ozomatli, Ozomatli
Black-Chicano-Cuban-Japanese-Jewish-Filipino crew as a band committed to social change and community-building through the party pleasures of musical collision ("Ozomatli" is Nahuatl for the Aztec god of dance)

If I Forget to Call, Lifestyle Band, Frontier <-- LOCAL
Sean T. Drinkwater is the frontman for LIFESTYLE, He had himself cloned to also make music with FREEZEPOP.

Sean has also written, produced, and recorded music for several Probot films: including the theme song and score to our Farrah! series, and new original songs for the Star Wars Cantina Band for PREQUEL.

Here & Now, Letters To Cleo, Melrose Place Soundtrack <-- LOCAL
Lead Singer Kay Hanley's
New CD, Cherry Marmalade, is scheduled for August 13, 2002

I Don't Wanna Know, Julian Lennon, Photograph Smile
Julian has set up a Lennon Family website at
It's cool family tree website to check out.

You Be You, Honey and the Bees, Bzzz <-- LOCAL
Now known as SLANT at

Backseat Driver, David Arnold & Alex Gifford, Tomorrow Never Dies

Chinese Burn, Curve, La Femme Nikita - Music From The Television Series Soundtrack

Break the Spell, Boy Wonder, Break the Spell Pop <-- LOCAL
Boy Wonder played their last show on January 15, 2000. After five great years Paula Kelly has gone solo and also continues to perform with the Boy Joys.

Catcher In the Rye, B-Side, A Work In Progress <-- LOCAL

Two Young Hearts, Savannah, Savannah <-- LOCAL
A local rock and roll band trying to get some radio airplay.

Priest 85, Irritating Rainbow, The Painful Place and Robot Bastard Soundtrack
That Priest 85 song is from an Internet movie at

When You Finally Gonna Come Through, Jules Shear, Healing Bones

Getting Scared, Imogen Heap, I Megaphone
Imogen has a new project Frou, Frou whose new album comes out July 13th.

Als het vuur gedoofd is, Acda en de Munnik, Acda en de Munnik
A very popular band from Amsterdam.

Adiemus, Adiemus, Songs of Sanctuary
A project of Karl Jenkins. You might have heard the music on delta Airlines commercials.

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