Saturday, June 15, 2002

Elvis Costello Review - Boston FleetBoston Pavilion 6/14/2003
Ok, so it was raining and we had planned to go to the Fleet Boston Pavilion to enjoy a nice summer's eve in an open concert venue with Boston Harbor just nearby. The rain dampened my spirits.

While in the line for beer and wine, my wife grabbed an empty beer cup to pour her wine into. The wine glass, read plastic cup, is a joke.

The 'Beer guy' got mad because they count cups to make sure he isn't giving away the store. He gave her a coffee cup for her wine.

After finding our seats, way in the back, Elvis Costello came out and everyone stood up. OK, I can understand. But then the second song started and everyone in front of me kept standing. Other people were seated. Why do I have to sit behind the standers?

They sat down after a while.

Next a little 10 year old girl sitting behind us was trying to scream her appreciation all the way to the front so Elvis could hear her. Well, let me tell you, he didn't, but I did. Thank god she fell asleep after the first half hour.

Does Elvis Costello know how funny it is for him to be singing I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea? with Chelsea, Mass just around the corner?

He played some great tunes off his first album including RADIO, RADIO.

Other highlights for me were, Oliver's Army, Less Than Zero and What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding.

The coolest thing that happened was when my wife asked me what the keyboard player, Steve Nieve, was doing. It seemed that he was making sounds without touching hte keyboard. He was just waving his hands around in a strange way and sounds we being made.

He was playing a Theramin!

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