Friday, June 07, 2002

I Burned My First CD!
OK. I know I'm late to this party, but I was stuck in Windows 95 world for years until my PC died and I recently moved to a Macintosh.

Since then, I've transfered all my music from CD to mp3 files in iTunes. I haven't listened to my CD collection this much in a long time. I love it. And don't get me started on the iPod. It Rocks!

So here's a listing of what I put on my first CD. It also includes some free mp3 files from

Song, Artist , CD
Main Title, Mark Snow, La Femme Nikita - Music From The Television Series Soundtrack
Have Some Rain, The Evinrudes, The Evinrudes Rock
Chemicals, The Control Group, an elaborate system of pulleys
Horses, Rubyhorse, Mini Hummer EP
Cut Chemist Suite, Ozomatli, Ozomatli
If I Forget to Call, Lifestyle Band, Frontier
Here & Now, Letters To Cleo, Melrose Place Soundtrack
I Don't Wanna Know, Julian Lennon, Photograph Smile
You Be You, Honey and the Bees, Bzzz
Backseat Driver, David Arnold & Alex Gifford, Tomorrow Never Dies
Chinese Burn, Curve, La Femme Nikita - Music From The Television Series Soundtrack
Break the Spell, Boy Wonder, Break the Spell Pop
Catcher In the Rye, B-Side, A Work In Progress
Two Young Hearts, Savannah, Savannah
Priest 85, Irritating Rainbow, The Painful Place and Robot Bastard Soundtrack
When You Finally Gonna Come Through, Jules Shear, Healing Bones
Getting Scared, Imogen Heap, I Megaphone
Als het vuur gedoofd is, Acda en de Munnik, Acda en de Munnik
Adiemus, Adiemus, Songs of Sanctuary

If you want to have as much fun as I'm having you've gotta get a Mac!

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