Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Steve TV Archived Stream from Nokia N95

Last night I did a live video streaming test from the Nokia N95 over WiFi using ComVu's PocketCaster.

I posted about it on Twitter and got a number of people to tune in.

Here's the archive of Steve TV videos.

I've been able to watch the Windows Media versions on a Mac running Flip4Mac.

Leave me your experiences in the comments.

Marcus Sandy was watched and captured some of the video and posted it to his blog.


  1. Comvu is cool no doubt, but i'd like to see them have a badge that lives on your blog rather than having to link to their site. Stickam is another interesting option. With Stickam, I can plug in my NBC camera, and feed whatever video/audio source, (reporter, the President, press conference etc) in to the firewire connection of my laptop. That's also cool.

    Where Comvu wins is in the fact that the phone is nearly alwyays on your hip.

  2. You can post to your blog or YouTube.

  3. Steve, you know me and my old media ways. i'm thinking of LIVE capability. HUGE citizen journalism applications because that's phone's always there.

  4. I really enjoyed this. Where is the Ravi and Steve show?