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Thursday, April 07, 2011

How to Port Verizon Landline to Google Voice

Phone Block - Red/Red Green/Green

I'm thinking about porting my Verizon landline to Google Voice.

I found this solution in the Google Voice help forum by love_my_n1, Can I port my land line number to google voice:
Verizon Landline ported in two steps. Total cost $ 26.99

My objective : Two numbers ONE cellphone service
I wanted to loose Verizon landline service but keep the number which i had for 20 years,
and I wanted to keep my current Cellphone number and service which i have for five years.

Step One: Port Verizon landline to Prepaid T-Mobile
Step Two : Port from T-Mobile to Google Voice.

First, I bought " T-Mobile® Prepaid SIM Card Activation Kit " (online for $6.99 free shipping)
- I got it in 3 days, activate and call customer service to request port.
- It took a week to port.
Number ported and working on T-Mobile. The next day I went on Google Voice and ordered the port
for $20.

30 hours later I received email:

"Google Voice Number Porting is Complete! "

Why do I need to go through a two step process?


Port your existing mobile number to Google Voice

Number Porting: Number Porting FAQS

Update: 4/29/11

I started the process of porting my Verizon Landline Phone # to Google Voice via T-Mobile.

How to: Port a Verizon Landline Phone # to T-Mobile

Step 1: Buy a T-Mobile Prepaid Card

T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card
Image: T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

I bought the T-Mobile prepaid card at a T-Mobile Store. It cost $10.63. $10 for the activation kit and .63 Mass Tax.

The card comes loaded with $3.34 which works out to 10 minutes.

Step 2: Call T-Mobile to Port my Verizon Landline to T-Mobile

I called the T-Mobile Customer Service # and was transferred to an "Activations" #.


1-877-789-3106 is the number to call to port a phone # or to check on an existing port request.

They needed the following:

- T-Mobile #
- Home Phone #
- Home Phone # Account #

They said the Port from my Verizon Landline to T-Mobile will take up to 24 hours and they will text message the phone when it's done, or I can call in for a status at 1-877-789-3106.

Using the SIM Card
I wasn't planning on using the SIM card at all, but decided to pop it into my Motorola ATRIX 4G to receive the text message.

T-Mobile SIM in Motorola ATRIX 4G
T-Mobile SIM in Motorola ATRIX 4G

That didn't work. I got a message on the phone asking for "SIM Network Unlock PIN"

SIM network unlock PIN required
SIM network unlock PIN required

I tried the PIN I got at the T-MOBILE store. That didn't work.

Then I called T-Mobile Customer Service and at the end of the call they told me that I needed a T-Mobile phone.

Works on a Nokia N95
I think this has something to do with getting an 'unlocked' phone, so I pulled out an old Nokia N95 and popped the SIM in there. It worked with no problem.

T-Mobile on Nokia N95
T-Mobile on Nokia N95

I'll be back in 24 hours to start the next step of porting the T-Mobile # to Google Voice.

Stay tuned...

Update 5/1 9:34 AM:

Last night at 12:30 AM I got a call on my T-Mobile #. Wrong #. Hmm.

My Verizon land line number hasn't been ported yet. It was supposed to be done already.

So I called the T-Mobile 1-877-789-3106 to check on the status.

They are really friendly.

I had to supply the number I am porting and my T-Mobile number. Then I was asked for my birthday. Didn't match. I explained that when I went into the store they asked for my birthday and I wanted to know why they wanted it. They told me they didn't need it.

Guess what.

They kinda did. Some random birthday was entered to my accountably default.

So we moved on to the PIN # that I chose in the store and that matched.

After a while the T-Mobile rep told me that the number would be ported over on Tuesday 5/3.

No explanation as to why it wasn't already ported.

On Tuesday I'll be getting a text message that says, "New # is (NNN) NNN-NNNN."

I'll be back with an update when that happens.

Update 5/3 7:54 PM:

Just got the text message from T-Mobile. The port of my Verizon landline was successfully completed.

T-Mobile Text Message:  Port Successful

Now when I dial what used to be my home phone #, it rings on my cellphone.


How to: Port a T-Mobile cellphone # to Google Voice

Setting up Google Voice and porting the number there.

Getting Started: Google Voice

Check number eligibility


Review Porting Conditions

Port your mobile number to Google Voice
Porting means that you move your number from your carrier to Google Voice. You can then use the full set of Google Voice features without having to change your number.
Port your number

Things to understand before porting your number to Google Voice:
The cost of porting is $20.00 (payable through Google Checkout).
Your mobile phone service plan will be terminated when you port your number to Google Voice and your carrier may charge you an early termination fee.
Once porting is complete, you will not be able to receive calls to your mobile phone until you complete the following steps:
Google Voice is not a mobile phone service provider, so you must setup a new mobile phone service plan (with your existing carrier or a new carrier) and request a new number.
Once you've secured a new mobile service plan and a new number, you will need to add this new number to your Google Voice account as a forwarding phone.
You may be unable to receive text messages for up to 3 business days after the porting process is complete.
Your Google Voice number will be replaced by the number you are porting. It will remain on your account for 90 days.
I understand the risks associated with porting my number to Google Voice and want to continue with the porting process.

Next you need to verify that you are the owner of the phone by calling it from an on screen prompt and entering the supplied number.

Verify - This step requires a cell phone.
Verify your phone

When I did this the first time, my phone didn't produce touch tones. So I tried again and it worked.

Account Information
Next you need to supply your T-Mobile information to complete the process including entering your T-Mobile Account # and your PIN #.

At this point I had to call T-Mobile to get my account #. I made a mistake though, when prompted for my cellphone # I entered the Pre-Paid T-Mobile # instead of my newly ported home #. D'oh!

On hold...


NOTE: Your T-Mobile Account number is your newly ported cellphone #.

Confirm Transaction

Google Voice: Google Checkout

My porting request is in process.

I got this email from Google Voice:

We have begun the process of moving your phone number (porting), 617-NNN-NNNN, to Google Voice.

To ensure that the porting process is as smooth as possible, please read through the following notes:

- Your number should be ported within 24 hours. You may not receive text messages for up to 3 business days after porting is complete.
- You will receive an email confirmation when your number has been successfully ported.
- Your mobile phone service plan will be terminated and your carrier may charge you an early termination fee if you are still under contract.
- Google Voice is not a mobile phone service provider, so you must set up a new mobile phone service plan (with your existing carrier or a new carrier) and request a new number.
- You will need to add this new number to your Google Voice account as a forwarding phone in order to receive calls on your mobile phone.

Questions? Visit the Help Center to learn more.

- The Google Voice team

Update 5/4 8:33 PM:

The porting is complete!

It worked. When I now call what used to be my home phone #, Google Voice picks up for the caller to leave a voice message.

I got a confirmation email too:

We’re writing to let you know that your phone number: 617-NNN-NNNN has been successfully ported to Google Voice!

Now that your number is ported, there are a couple of steps that you’ll have to take in order to continue receiving calls on your mobile phone.

Make sure you have a NEW number for your phone
Google Voice is not a mobile phone service provider, so you must setup a new mobile phone service plan (with your existing carrier or a new carrier) and request a new number. You’ll need this new number in order to continue receiving calls on your mobile phone.

Add your new number as a forwarding phone in your Google Voice account
Once you have secured a new number directly from your carrier, update your Google Voice settings and add this new number as a forwarding phone. You will then be able to receive calls to your mobile phone. Learn more about how to add a forwarding phone.

Please note that text messages may not be delivered for up to 3 business days after porting is complete.

Questions? Visit the Help Center to learn more.

- The Google Voice team
I just got my first voice mail, transcribed to text, as an email message:
Voicemail from: (617) NNN-NNNN at 5:32 PM

Hi. This is Carol and just checking in about our plans for tomorrow night. I think we need a date night okay call me bye.


  1. I didn't know there was a 2 step process. I thought Google Voice supported Verizon and all you had to do was port it to them. Unless I was wrong and didn't read all of the information...

  2. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Google supports Verizon Wireless ports. In this article he was porting a number from Verizon FiOS or some other Verizon land line service.

  3. Can this be done without having a phone? You say get the SIM card and also that you were not going to use it with a phone, but did, the Nokia one.
    My question is, If I get the SIM card, no T-Mobile or other phone can I follow this process and port successfully. Thanks for the clarification

  4. @Mike Based on my experience, the only thing I got on the phone was the text message telling me that the port was successful, so you could also get that info from the T-Mobile port phone #.

  5. @Mike Google also has to be able to call the number so that you can enter the confirmation digits. So that would require the phone. @Steve Thanks for the guide. I just completeted today from a AT&T Uverse Landline!

  6. Dennis M.10:24 PM

    @Steve - doesn't the SIM need to be active/in a phone to complete the Google Voice 'verification' step? Can't finish the verification if the SIM is active with the ported # sitting on a table collecting dust.... I don't remember seeing touchtone buttons on the SIM ;-)

  7. @Dennis - Oh shoot, you're right! You don't need a phone to move from Verizon to T-Mobie, BUT you do need it to move from T-Mobile to Google Voice. Thanks.

  8. @Dennis - I updated the Google Verify section with to note the requirement of having a cell phone for that step.

    You could just pop the SIM in a friends phone to do this.

  9. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Thanks, followed your steps and my old AT&T landline is now google voice which works much better for our current lifestyle.

  10. Thank you so much for this! I am starting the process this week.

  11. Kristi5:25 PM

    I have a vonage "landline" that really need to keep the number for business purposes but would like to have the calls come to Google voice and drop the vonage service. Do I do the same thing? I also have verizon and don't know enough to switch that many phones. Thanks!

  12. You need to see if Google Voice can port a number from Vonage. If not, you'll need to see if you can do an intermediate port to a cell provider that Google does accept ports from.

  13. So do you have a monthly (or annual) fee from T-mobile?

  14. No additional fees from T-Mobile.

  15. Ok, I'm confused. In MA and would like to port existing land line phone number to google voice and get rid of Verizon! I see that Google can only do this for mobile phones not land lines? Is this process possible? And if so, how? So then I guess the process you describe (2 step) is the only way to accomplish this now?

  16. Hello. How can we port our AT&T landline to Google voice? We also have AT&T cell service.

    Thank you.

  17. The bigger question is: WHY does Google force their users to go through this painful process and not just allowing porting from landlines? Clearly it's doable if you have the patience and cash to do it.

    Google Voice product team: #FAIL

    Steve Garfield: #ROCKS

  18. "NOTE: Your T-Mobile Account number is your newly ported cellphone #."

    this didn't work, I had to call up T-Mo, and they said that my account number was my newly ported phone # with a 1 before it.

    that is, 1508....... (in my case. boston area represent!)

    also, i'm moving from comcast bundled->t-mo -> gv. the initial t-mo guy said that i had to talk to comcast first because it would cancel my cable and internet if i did. comcast denied this. I think it's because the first T-mo guy confused cable modem with DSL (which IS tied in with a phone number).

  19. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Steve - did you actually activate the SIM and get a T-Mobile number or did it only get activated after you ported your number to T-Mobile? I have a new T-Mo SIM and I'm going to do the same thing but I'm wondering if I should activate it first and get a T-Mo number and then do the port.

  20. thinking you might not need a Tmobile phone. There's a 24hr cross over period where your landline will still be active. I did the Tmobile port, then the Google port within an hr or 2 & was able to enter the Google code using home phone.

  21. Just starting the process of porting Verizon home phone -- to a used Nokia 1616 that I purchased for $16.20 including shipping (from eBay) + purchased a T-mobile SIM card on sale right now for $1.08 total with tax at this URL: - then to Google Voice. The SIM card comes with $3.34 in T-Mobile credit. So that is a nice touch T-mobile. Thanks.

    I will sell the Nokia 1616 on eBay when I'm done for at least what I paid to someone else that wants to port their Verizon landline to GV. Total cost to me only $21.08 total. Which by the way Verizon offered this land line home phone to us originally at $19/month, but the total bill we get each month is actually $33 + change after local, state, and fed taxes and fees. So I will save $400 per year for a $21.08 investment. Yahoo! We stopped using our land line a year ago and now only get political calls and telemarketers. We unplugged the phone and just have an answering machine to see if we can live without it and guess what, we can. But still want to keep the phone number we have had for 15 years.

    Other thoughts: was thinking T-mobile would put a stop to this, but I think T-mobile probably likes that we are experiencing their cell service, even if only for a few days. We are getting on their network and experiencing T-mobile in our homes, and experiencing T-mobile customer service and call clarity even if only a few minutes worth. We will all be t-mobile pre-paid cell phone experts by the time we are done, so maybe in the future we will need a pre-paid phone and of course we will choose t-mobile.

  22. UPDATE: Started the 2 step porting process from Verizon to T-mobile to GV !!! Was a bit nervous about losing my home phone number into the phone nether world, but went ahead anyway.

    Looked at my Verizon bill because you need the account number to port the home phone number to T-mobile. Verizon land line was charging more than I thought: $34.43/mo = $413.16/yr. We have barebones $19.99/mo landline plan which was supposed to not include long distance, but Verizon added a $2.96/mo Long distance plan sometime last year to our account without informing us. Thanks Verizon. Plus we pay $11.53/mo for taxes, fees and other charges. Total of $1000 paid to Verizon since we switched to the Verizon land line in 2010. What am I going to do with an extra $1000 I will save by the end of 2014? Why didn't I do this a year ago?

    Found the T-mobile activation site: and thought cool, I won't have to talk to anyone in person. Well, so much for that. I read that supposedly T-mobile has been sending out old activation codes if you order SIMS from online T-mobile, so the T-mobile activation website doesn't work for lots of people. I triple checked all my numbers and kept getting this error:

    Oops—this isn’t a valid IMEI (phone serial number). Please try again.
    The IMEI number should be 15 digits long. You can find it on the phone box, or on the phone underneath the battery.

    Sigh ... after 3 times getting errors I gave up on the activation website and called T-mobile at 877-778-2106:

    I told the T-mobile computer voice I was porting a phone number and that I didn't have a mobile phone number and was transferred to a nice polite live person who I think maybe is in the Philippines. She had a script to go thru, I let her follow the script, she wanted the phone number to port first, then checked and found out it would port, then asked me for my Verizon land line account number I was porting from, I told her it was a land line, which she had to check something else, but that was apparently OK, then she got my Name, home address, activation code, and IMEI number plus an alternate phone number for them to call in case something messes up, plus had to think of a PIN number, one that I won't forget she said. She gave me a reference # and she said I would get a text from T-mobile in 24 to 48 hours when the phone was ported. I was thinking they would try and set me up with a pre-paid T-mobile plan, but she never asked about that.

    She was done then, so I asked "should I put the SIM card in the Nokia 1616" she said yes, in order to get the text you will need to do that. I think an alternate way to check if the Verizon land line # is ported is to call the old land line number and see if it has T-mobile voice mail that answers. But I will put in the SIM card and wait for the text.

    Would have been nice to not have to call them, but it only took 7 minutes on the phone with T-mobile so that is good. So far so good ...

  23. Update 2: from ace 1 week later. Started the porting from Verizon Landline to Tmobile one week ago today (see comments from ace above). The nice lady from Tmobile that I talked to last week said it would be ported in 24 to 48 hours and I would get a text from them when ported. Well, don't believe everything you hear from Tmo and be very patient. I waited till Mon and turned on my Nokia 1616, no text. Same thing Tue thru today, no text. Also, I've been calling the old Verizon land line and about Thursday the home phone quit ringing and I got a computer voice that said Error 602 we are not able to complete this call (or something similar to that). I got that same error Fri and Sat too. But today, Sunday (one week later) I get no error. It just rings and rings and rings. I let it ring 15 times and no error and no voice mail. It does not ring on the Nokia 1616 though. So not done, but I think I am close.

    One more hint: TMobile asked for an alternate # to call in case something goes wrong with the port. So without much thought, I gave them my regular cell phone number. Normally, I would give out the land line, but since they were porting it I gave them my cell. I think that was a mistake, since I have had two telemarketers call me this week, and I never get telemarketer calls because I don't give out that cell #. I wonder if T-mobile sold my cell # already? Is that possible ... so fast? Anyway, don't give out any number that you don't want to be telemarketed on.

    One more hint: This post a comment box doesn't work on safari on a Mac, and it has lots of issues on Firefox on Mac. Trying now on Chrome on a Mac ...

  24. Testing comments on Safari on a Mac.

  25. The publish problem for me is during the Captcha, there is no button for me to click on after I type in the captcha. I set my Comment as: Google but it won't publish till I am logged in, but it has trouble logging in until I tried this on Chrome, then it asked me to log in. Since I wasn't logged in, it would not publish. Once I tried Chrome, it asked me to log into Google, then Firefox published fine, and assume Chrome and Safari would too.

    2nd time I did this, it says I am logged in, but once I type in the Captcha there is no way to continue. I logged out and back in from Chrome. Then try and publish again from Chrome (on a mac) but no way to continue. So I go back to Firefox and click on publish

    The Captcha is a funky font and is hard to read though.

  26. Captcha on Blogger is hard to read. Sorry about that. I think it's changed for the worse. I just shut it off.

  27. Update day 8.

    Sigh... Monday, day 8, I gave in and called T-mobile. 47 minutes and 6 seconds later I get off the phone with T-mobile.

    Bottom line: was they told me they are having system issues with their porting systems, so if they are telling the truth, all porting is delayed. They took all my info again, and told me to wait 72 hours.

    So here is how the call went down: I got a computer voice that said I could say "Number Transfer Status" so I said "Number Transfer Status" and it said it had no record of that number. Great, I thought. No record? Then it said I cold say "Representative" so I did and after a min I'm talking to a real person. They asked me what my mobile phone # is and I said I don't know they didn't ever tell me because I was porting from Verizon land line to T-mobile prepaid phone. That confused them for a bit. Then T-mobile transferred me to the # Transfer Center. That dept. asked me the same question, what is the phone # of my mobile phone, which I again said I don't know. Which again confused them for a little bit. They asked more questions then transferred me to the Prepaid Phone Department. They asked me the same question, I again said I don't have a #, I'm porting a number. They were going to transfer me back to the Number Porting Center, and I told them not to because they already had tried that, so they transferring me to the Wired Line Department. So after the 3rd transfer the person in the Wired Line Dept seemed to know what to do.

    The wired line department guy asked me all the same questions over again that the T-mobile person from 8 days ago wanted to know: my SIM card #, my Phone Serial # (which I could see on the display by pressing *#06# ) + what is my Activation Code. He said he wanted this over again so they didn't have to call me to get more information later. He apologized about 10 times because the were having system issues. The only time I got nervous was when he asked me if my Verizon line is active, because they want an active line to port the #. I said it was active when I called a week ago but it stopped being active last Thurs, I said it seemed like the porting process got about 50% of the way thru and stopped. He again asked if it was active, I again said it was the day I started the porting process but it isn't now. So he checked and he said they got an some activation request, so he said it was all good. Then told me it would be at least another 72 hours till the number was ported. He did tell me that after I get the text saying the number is ported that I should turn the Nokia off then on again, and I will have dual service for 24 hours. He explained that dual service is if anyone on a T-mobile network calls it will ring on the T-mobile Nokia phone, and if anyone else calls it will ring on the old phone. I explained that the old phone is already dead because they seemed to have killed it, but he just explained Dual Service again. so I said "cool". Also gave me a phone number 877-789-3106 to call just in case the porting process has issues.

  28. Update: Day 10 Wednesday (2nd Wednesday since I started this process). Yahoo! I received two welcome to T-Mobile texts on my Nokia 1616 to my newly Ported number !!!

    1) Congratulations, your phone number has been transferred. Your new number is 1xxxxxxxxxx. Use this number at to manage you account. Sender 456

    2) Welcome to T-Mobile! Dial #BAL# to check your balances. Your T-Mobile number is 1xxxxxxxxxx. Sender 1511

    I got these texts this afternoon. I know that there is a 24 hour dual service period where my Prepaid Nokia 1616 will only ring if called from another T-mobile number. I tried calling the ported # anyway and no it didn't ring, but I don't expect it to ring until tomorrow. While in the dual service 24 hour time it the Nokia will only ring if called from someone inside the T-Mobile network, if outside it is supposed to ring the home phone, but it didn't ring at home, so I don't know where it is ringing right now, it just rings and rings and rings with no error now. I hope it rings tomorrow on the Nokia 1616. I feel bad that T-Mobile had to work so hard to get this working.

  29. Update: Day 12 Friday. I was supposed to get $3.34 initial credit on my T-mobile phone when I activated the phone, this was included with the activation card that I bought. I waited 48 hours to get it, but ... sigh ... I never got it, so I have to call T-Mobile again, double-sigh ... I need to have a few minutes because GV is going to call the phone to verify. I will call them tomorrow.

  30. Update Day 13 Saturday.

    Called T-mobile 877-778-2106. Hint: to avoid the menu system, pres "0" to connect directly to a live rep. Told the rep I didn't get my $3.34 (10 min talk time @ 33 cents/min) when I activated. He said I will get the min when I activate. I said I already activated, he said you can't activate by just putting in the SIM card, you have to activate. I said again, I activated already. He looked at my account and said, you activated on Aug 29th. Yes, I said, I didn't get the $3.34 that comes with the SIM card activation kit I purchased? He looked it up and said the activation card I purchased didn't have minutes. I said the 3rd line down in bold print on the top of the card says Initial $3.34 value. He said no problem, and added $3.34 to my account. I called the Nokia and it rings now. So finally after 13 days I can proceed to step 2 !!

    One more thing. Thinking maybe I should login to my online account at T-mobile just in case. Go to click "forgot your password" then type in the T-mobile phone number, click enter and nothing happens. Supposed to text me a temp password, but nothing happens. I tried about 10 times, tried firefox, safari and chrome and nothing happens. Dang, if I want this I have to call T-mobile a 4th time.

  31. 2nd update Day 13 Sat 9/1/2012

    I try and change my password online, get this error:

    Your account status doesn't allow you to retrieve password, please contact Customer Service for details.

    Call T-mobile 4th time: They tell me to set my pin.

    Call 611 from my T-mobile nokia 1616 phone to change my pin. This worked!! It is a free call from a t-mobile phone BTW. So that is nice to know you can dial 611 and it won't use minutes. You can also dial #bal# and it will tell you your balance left in $. I still have $3.34 left.

    Called T-mobile 5th time. Tell them about the password changing error above. After 3 transfers and telling my story again 3 times, and 5 min of checking and re-checking they tell me that I am not the only one. Engineers have already been working on this error, try to set the password again in 72 hours. So I give up on the password. I don't really need a T-mobile online account anyway I don't think.

    Summary of T-mobile experience: I started this process 13 days ago, this has to be the worst case scenario that anyone could possibly have porting a number. The experience has been testing my patience. I thought it would take 5 min and it has taken me 3 hours at least and the phone didn't work for a week or so during that time. I thought at one time that they had lost my number, but they didn't. T-mobile had multiple system problems going on behind the scenes that caused many delays.

    Off to step 2 finally.

  32. 3rd Update Day 13 Saturday. 9/1/2012

    Started the port from T-Mobile to Google Voice. I forgot that I needed my T-mobile account, but I guessed it was the same as the phone number. Good think I got the pin # straightened out because I also needed the T-mobile PIN #. It cost $20 to port.

  33. 4th UPdate: Port to GV is done and working. Total Success. It was done by the next day after I started the port to GV. No more Verizon land line bill. If I can do this so can you. Yahoo!

  34. Went one step further and purchased the OBI110 for $50. It is sweet. It uses your Google Voice number to call out and also recieve calls. I plugged one end into my router (via supplied ethernet) and one end into an old phone (via supplied telephone cable). Created an account on put in my google voice username and password and it figured out the rest. It was that simple. Now we are using our home phone again and it used the same number we had before and it rings in too plus we get all the benefits of google voice. Awesome upgrade !!

  35. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Wow ace, good job. Awesome story. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks, yes, it was well worth the hassle. We have saved enough already to pay for the equipment plus go out to a fancy restaurant two times, which is more fun than paying Verizon.

      Google Voice is sweet. I have GV setup so any callers not in our Google Contacts have to announce who they are, that has cut down on the telemarketer calls by 80%.

      If someone leaves a GV message, GV translates the voice into text and I have it email that (usually comedic and entertaining) translation to both my and her email and also text the translation to her mobile phone. GV has a searchable record of all these messages too. So it is not only free, but we have control of our own phone system.

      If you do the port to GV, once it is working, for $49 I would recommend getting the OBi110 that we got, it has some nifty feature. If you call from another phone, lets say from your local work #, you can setup the OBI to recognize that work number and transfer to the OBI attendant which will ask you if you want to call another # which can now be long distance. We don't do this often, but can make long distance calls from work for no charge. Nice to call relatives from work and use the land-line at work and not burn up your mobile minutes.

  36. Its been over a year now and all is still working well. GV is still free and we have now saved $450 since porting the number from Verizon to GV. I setup the OBI110 one time and have not touched it since.

  37. Steve,
    1) I am trying to port FROM Verizon (They claim they will and CANNOT allow me to port from them my landline...Can they legally do this?).
    2)I have a prepaid TRACFONE model LG 440G. Can I use this cell phone?
    3) I am switching my cable/internet from Verizon to Time Warner. Is there any chnage in the process you outlined?

    Many thanks for your help, Gene C.