Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New 21st Century Beetle to be Unveiled on April 18th

Photo: Volkswagen is looking for America to catch Beetlemania again (VW).

VW Looks For its New New Beetle To Push It To New Heights:
...the last "New Beetle" design, which was unveiled in 1998, went out of production and dealer showrooms in 2009.

21st Century Beetle

VW on Facebook
On 18 April, MTV World Stage and Volkswagen will rock the world as we present a series of exclusive live events to celebrate the unveiling of the new 21st Century Beetle for the very first time. 3 events on 3 continents--Asia, Europe and USA--all on the same day. First, the new Beetle will be revealed at the Motor Show in Shanghai followed by an exclusive MTV Sound System guest-hosted by MTV VJs. Then, a massive World Stage party will take place in Berlin's historic ewerk with a headline DJ set by 2manydjs. Finally, global superstars The Black Eyed Peas will take the stage in New York for an exclusive World Stage event, live-streamed right here.

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