Thursday, April 21, 2011

U Scape It - Best Example: Stop and Shop 360 Panorama Created from Video

I'm testing out the new free iPhone app, UScapeit.

UScapeit lets you take a video and then transforms it into a 360 degree view.

Here's the best: Stop and Shop 360 UScapeit Panorama

This app is different from the 360 Panorama App I've been using in that it uses video to capture the image, instead of a combined mosaic of photos.

My first few attempts didn't turn out so well.

Jamaica Pond
JP Licks

It's because I was spinning the camera around too fast. You've got to take 30-40 seconds to shoot your video of the scene. Also, you need to keep the phone on the same vertical axis as you shoot.

I asked them about this and replied:
Regarding the “slow” question: the app is pulling individual frames from the video to build the panorama. Our eyes fool us with video because a group of frames look fine and clear—but when you isolate out individual frames, those frames are blurry. If you were to time your captures on 360 and other panorama apps, you’ll most likely find that those captures take even longer than the 30 seconds that we recommend for UScapeit captures.
I think the quality is very good. I'll be doing more testing.

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