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Thursday, November 01, 2012

An Argument Against Mass. Ballot Question Two #Factcheck

Just saw this online and had to fact check it.

An Argument For, An Argument Against Mass. Ballot Question Two:

Rose-Anne Meade chairs the committee against physician-assisted suicide.

Here's her argument, fact checked against the full text of ballot Question 2.

Rose-Anne Meade: “We don’t require that they get any kind of counseling."


The bill recommends consultations.

"(3) refer the patient to a consulting physician for a diagnosis and prognosis regarding the patient’s disease...

(4) refer the patient for psychiatric or psychological consultation if the physician believes the patient may have a disorder causing impaired judgment;"

Rose-Anne Meade: "We don’t require any family notification."


The bill recommends family notification.

"(5) recommend that the patient notify next of kin of the patient’s intention; "

Rose-Anne Meade: "There’s no tracking of the prescription from the time somebody picks up this lethal dose of (medication) at the pharmacy. They take it home and then there’s no tracking."


There's tracking.

"...the proposed law would require the attending physician to report each case in which life-ending medication is dispensed to the state Department of Public Health."

Rose-Anne Meade: "there’s no physician at the end."


There could be a physician at the end.

"(6) recommend that the patient have another person present when the patient ingests the medicine and to not take it in a public place;"

Rose-Anne Meade: "They say it’s physician assisted suicide but there is no requirement for a physician to be there at the end."”


It’s not physician assisted suicide.

"This proposed law would allow a physician licensed in Massachusetts to prescribe medication, at a terminally ill patient’s request, to end that patient’s life."

VOTE YES on 2.

Learn more:

Death With Dignity National Center.
Massachusetts Dignity 2012 - Yes on 2

They also have that annoying TV commercial.

On YouTube: Comments are disabled for this video.

I need to fact check it too.


  1. To be fair, there are no requirements other than tracking, only recommendations, so she's right.
    To be clear, I still support this bill. I would prefer a psychological evaluation requirement though.

  2. Thanks for commenting.

    It's a require/recommend debate.