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Sunday, November 04, 2012

My Silicon Valley Status is 945

Silicon Valley Status 945

This is a fun promotion for the BRAVO Startups: Silicon Valley reality show.

Notice I said fun. I'm sure lots of people will be complaining about yet another ranking tool that only looks at numbers and doesn't take in to account the quality of the subscriber.

Hey, it's for fun and the implementation looks nice.

Silicon Valley Status Leaderboard
Image: Silicon Valley Status Leaderboard

I'm #2, I'm #2! Maybe I'll end up on a billboard. ;-)

One thing it could improve though, is on the Facebook score it should also take into account, Facebook Subscribers.

Another thing that needs to be added ASAP is the ability to follow people from the leader board. There are no clickable links to people's Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Image: Facebook

On my Facebook account I hardly ever approve friends anymore. I've added a SUBSCRIBE button where anyone can follow, without me having to approve.

Check your Silicon Valley Status:

Image: Hermione

My friend Hermione Way is in it.

Image: Sarah

Oh and look, another friend is in it too, Sarah Austin. Ha! Just found out by reading the bios on the site.

Learn more about online video and streaming in my book, Get Seen:

I hope the show is not as bad as the reviews say it's going to be.

New York Post: Idiots run riot in ‘Valley’.
With nearly 100 people dead from Hurricane Sandy, our city in crisis and New Yorkers and Jerseyites risking their lives to help one another, along comes the most shallow, self-absorbed, reality show from the land of silicon and silicone.

It’s Bravo’s “Start-Ups: Silicone Valley” and it’s a show which focuses on a bunch of pretty, white young entrepreneurs with a sense of entitlement that is actually so revolting — especially in this day of mourning and sadness — that you might want to throw your TV set through a window. If you still have a TV. Or a window.

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